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MoMu | Fashion Museum

MoMu | Fashion Museum

MoMu is currently closed for renovation and will reopen in 2021. During the renovation, you will not be able to visit the museum building. However, even before its reopening in 2021, you can still enjoy MoMu’s extramural programme.

The MoMu building in the Nationalestraat has temporarily closed its doors for renovation and extension works. Since 2002, MoMu has focused on temporary exhibitions in which fashion is placed in an elaborate, story-supporting scenography, usually in close collaboration with the designer. What has received much less attention is the extensive MoMu collection, which comprises some 30,000 objects.

Until now, there has been no physical space available in the museum building to exhibit this collection. After the renovation, MoMu will be able to tell the story of Belgian fashion on a permanent basis and give our visitors a deeper look into our own world-renowned fashion history.

While the building is being thoroughly renovated, MoMu has gone out into the world with an extramural programme of workshops and a diverse range of activities for children and adults, all on location in Antwerp.

Top 3 reasons why this is worth your visit:

  • The compelling scenography of the exhibitions: as a visitor you will not only see the objects, but you will also be immersed in the world of the designer or the theme of the exhibition.
  • The MoMu collection is the largest and most important collection of contemporary Belgian fashion.
  • In addition to a visit to the exhibition, MoMu also offers a guided tour, workshop, lecture, … or a free visit to the MoMu library and the new café.