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Het Steen

Het Steen

Welcome to Het Steen, the hotspot for anyone visiting Antwerp. In this centuries-old castle you’ll not only find a Visitor Centre and a cruise terminal, but also the interactive experience The Antwerp Story, which is the perfect introduction to the city. After a visit to Het Steen, you’ll be ready to explore the rest of Antwerp.

Oldest preserved building in the city
As the oldest preserved building in the city, Het Steen has fulfilled numerous functions over the centuries, from a castle to a prison and from a residence to a museum. After undergoing a thorough renovation, the building is now an eye-catching Visitor Centre brimming with tourist information. A fairy tale location and the perfect place to start your visit to Antwerp.

Welcome to the Visitor Centre
Are you looking for a city map, information about attractions or tickets for a walk or a tour? Then step into the Visitor Centre. The multilingual staff will be happy to help you. You will also find many fun Antwerp souvenirs, tasty local products and numerous gadgets. And don’t forget to take a look at a section of the old castle wall, where you can examine a piece of history from almost one thousand years ago.

Discover The Antwerp Story
One floor up you’ll find a brand new attraction: The Antwerp Story. Follow the experience trail and discover, room by room, more about the fascinating story of Antwerp. The interactive rooms and multimedia rooms will tell you all about the history of the city and will introduce you to the different districts, the museums and the inhabitants in no time. Keep your smartphone or notebook to hand, because one thing is certain: The Antwerp Story will provide you with plenty of inspiration for your visit to Antwerp.

Unique themed walks
Dive even deeper into the history of the castle and the surrounding castle area by joining one of the four unique themed walks. Our professional guides will take you through eight hundred years of Antwerp’s history. Get ready for a guided tour through The Antwerp Story, a thrilling ghost walk around the castle or a fantastic game walk with fun prizes!

Breathtaking view over the Scheldt from the roof terrace
Would you like to admire a stunning view? Climb the tower to Het Steen’s roof terrace and you will not be disappointed. You’ll be able to look out over the river, the city and the port. When a cruise ship is leaving or arriving, this is the ideal location from which to wave the passengers off or give them a warm welcome.

You see, Het Steen is the ideal starting point for your visit to Antwerp.

3 reasons why this is worth your visit

  • In the Visitor Centre you will find all of the necessary information for a visit to the city, as well as the nicest Antwerp souvenirs.
  • In The Antwerp Story, an interactive multimedia trail, you will discover more about the city’s fascinating story, room by room.
  • This oldest preserved building in the city is the ideal starting point to join one of the four unique themed walks.

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