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Get more from your visit to Antwerp’s museums with our master storytellers

1 June 2022
Get more from your visit to Antwerp’s museums with our master storytellers

Are museums boring? No way! Antwerp’s museums have a huge amount to offer for young and old. Even people who aren’t very interested in art will be sure to find something to their liking in the gigantic range, from shipping and diamonds to fashion. Want to take your visit to the next level? Then it’s best to book a tour with one of our master story-tellers. These guides will turn any trip to the museum into a real experience!

MAStour: art and a melting pot of cultures

© Den Antwerpenaar

The imposing Museum aan de Stroom or MAS is located on the Eilandje, the bustling port neighbourhood. The museum is in the centre of the Willem Dock marina and hosts a great many artistic treasures. Antwerp has attracted people of different nationalities for centuries. The MAS describes the colour bond between the city and all its cultures.

A professional guide will accompany you through the theme rooms and tell you stories about large and small events in Antwerp and the rest of the world. You’ll get to know the most wide-ranging schools of thought and gain a broad view of the city. The latter should be taken literally: the panoramic view atop the museum’s roof is breathtaking and definitely not to be missed.

Naturally, you’ll have plenty more time to visit your favourite rooms at your own pace after the tour.

Take part in the MAStour

A gorgeous walk at the Middelheim Museum

© Joris Casaer

Sport and culture? Yes, the two really can go together! The Middelheim Museum, a beautiful park brimming with art, is a favourite place for many a jogger. What’s more: there are even guided tours with running shoes. Sports fans can follow the guide, who will lead you past the various statues at a gentle pace – it’s not a competition, after all. Along the way, you’ll stop at six places to hear an explanation of the works. Don’t worry – it won’t be a marathon. The full route only covers 3.2 kilometres.

Great bonus: the walking route is different each time, so you can take it quite often and keep discovering new statues. Come on!

3, 2, 1 … To the walking route!

The Fotomuseum: focus on photography

© Jesse Willems

The Fotomuseum Antwerp, or the FOMU for short, houses one of Europe’s leading photo collections. You’ll always find a temporary exhibition around a renowned photographer or a gripping theme there too.

A guide will teach you how to dwell on the photos and give you a different view of the images. He or she will enter into dialogue with the group and give a lavish explanation of the various techniques, the photographer’s inspiration and the story behind the photo. The history of photography will also be covered. Expect some established values as well as young talent on the walls, as the FOMU keeps its finger on the pulse.

Click” through to the Fotomuseum

Fancy a visit to one of Antwerp’s museums? Then book a tour with one of our guides today and get even more from your cultural experience! Book your tour now.