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Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library

Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library

The Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library is located in the heart of Antwerp’s bustling city centre. The library has collected and preserved Flemish cultural heritage for over five centuries. In the Heritage Library’s reading room you can browse through more than 1.5 million items – from old prints of historical newspapers to recent publications. You can consult all items on paper, on microfilm or digitally. Just as impressive as the Heritage Library’s extensive, valuable and often unique collection is the Nottebohm Room. This beautiful, historic library space, which also serves as a book repository and an exhibition room, steals the heart of everyone who walks into it. You can discover this hidden gem during a public activity or guided tour.

Collecting Flemish cultural heritage, preserving it and making it accessible to a broad current and future public: that has been the task and raison d’être of the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library for decades now. With the careful development and preservation of its collections, the Heritage Library has one goal in mind: to share this wealth of information, knowledge and inspiration with the public of today and tomorrow. We are proud to call it our heritage. The origins of the Heritage Library and its collection date back to 1481. Today, more than 500 years later, the library preserves a collection that sits on 22 miles of book shelves.

Top 3 reasons why this is worth your visit:

  • Visit the historic Nottebohm room, an iconic library space that breathes history.
  • Take a guided tour behind the scenes and discover the wealth of information and knowledge that has been systematically preserved since 1481.
  • Discover the history of the site on the Hendrik Conscienceplein, the most beautiful square in Antwerp.