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DIVA | Museum for diamonds, jewellery and silver

DIVA | Museum for diamonds, jewellery and silver

DIVA is the number one museum for diamonds, jewellery and silver in Antwerp. The museum is located at an historic site: from the 16th century, the Grote Markt and surrounding streets were the place to be for people who were looking for objects made of gold, silver and precious stones. Lovers of great luxury could feast their eyes on the shop windows of jewellers and goldsmiths.

DIVA: A Brilliant Story
DIVA’s permanent collection comes to life in six rooms, which each tell a unique story. Take a journey back in time through 500 years of craftsmanship and artisanship and admire DIVA’s brilliant collection. DIVA immerses you in the rich history of diamonds, gold and silver and tells you all about the trade, craftsmanship and consumption of the ultimate luxury goods.

In addition to DIVA: A Brilliant Story, DIVA also presents temporary exhibitions, including the series Wunderkammer with guest curators Axel Vervoordt and jewellery designers Wouters & Hendrix. DIVA’s exhibition programme is closely linked to the themes of diamonds, jewellery and silver.

After your visit, you can enjoy the new Leonie Glass square, which is a green pearl in the historic city centre.

3 reasons why this is worth your visit

  • Antwerp is the diamond city of the world. After a visit to DIVA, you can go on a treasure hunt in Antwerp armed with your new-found knowledge.
  • DIVA is a new, contemporary and interactive museum, which opened in 2018, and which presents the collections of the former silver and diamond museums. During your visit, you will not only discover diamonds, but also sparkling jewels and silver objects.
  • Authentic objects and stories are brought to life in six charming themed rooms, decorated by interior architect Gert Voorjans, among others. Feel at home in the Wunderkammer, the Boudoir, the Vault, …

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