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Cathedral of Our Lady

Cathedral of Our Lady

Antwerp’s Cathedral is a magnificent example of the Late Gothic style of architecture. The church was built between 1352 and 1521, a period of unprecedented social and economic change in Europe that paved the way for Antwerp’s rise. Notes regularly emanate from the magnificent carillon in the tower, which is also the city’s belfry. Interestingly enough, the city’s building regulations stipulate that no building may be taller than the 123-metre Cathedral of Our Lady. The Antwerp cathedral is an enormous source of pride for locals, who consider this landmark a beacon and the ‘world’s most beautiful tower’.

⭐ From 8 December 2023, the Cathedral hosts a special exhibition, mysteriously named ‘De Profundis’. For a whole year, 12 paintings on 30 x 50 cm canvases by Spanish artist Enrique Marty are displayed throughout the Cathedral space.

3 reasons why this is worth your visit

  • On the square in front of the Cathedral of Our Lady you can admire the statue of Nello and Patrasche. The world-famous duo plays a prominent role in Antwerp during the Christmas period.
  • The Antwerp Cathedral of Our Lady is an enormous treasure trove of works of art by the world-famous painter Peter Paul Rubens.
  • With its 123-metre-high tower, the Cathedral of Our Lady is the tallest building in Antwerp.

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