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Welcome to the City Hall ( in Dutch)
Welcome to the City Hall ( in Dutch)
Welcome to the City Hall ( in Dutch)
Welcome to the City Hall ( in Dutch)

City Hall Antwerp

Welcome to the City Hall ( in Dutch)

This extensive guided tour (105 minutes) starts with the Renaissance exterior of City Hall. You  then visit the renovated ground floor, where the guide will accompany you along an interesting audiovisual display about the history and restoration of this impressive historic building.
Finally,you will explore the most impressive floor of City Hall, the famous ‘Schoon Verdiep’ (literal translation: ‘Beautiful Floor’), where you learn about the monumental grandeur, social & cultural significant and current political function of this magnificent building, a grand palace that rightfully empowers the people of Antwerp to be proud world citizens.
TIP: Does this tour seem a bit too long or elaborate for you? You also have the option of a short guided tour of the ‘Schoon Verdiep’ that limits your visit to an unforgettable hour exploring the most beautiful floor of Antwerp’s restored City Hall.

From 24/04/2022 10:00 pm (UTC) until 31/12/2030 10:59 pm (UTC)

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Select the number of participants per guided tour or the number of individual tickets needed.


Attention: meet up not in or near the City Hall itself but near the tree at Grote Markt 13.

Important: Please report to the guide with your ticket 10 minutes before the indicated starting time of the tour. For safety reasons, the first name and surname of all participants must be noted down with the guide on a registration list.
So be sure to arrive at the starting point on time! 

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