On the 23rd of April (Heritage Day) you can visit numerous museums free of charge. Free entrance tickets can be booked via the websites of the museums.

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The most beautiful floor
The most beautiful floor
The most beautiful floor

City Hall Antwerp

The most beautiful floor

This short guided tour (1 hour) on the most impressive floor, the renowned ‘Schoon Verdiep’, of Antwerp Town Hall, allows your group to discover the monumental splendour, social and cultural significance, current political function and eventful history of this superb building.

TIP: Does your group prefer an extended visit (almost 2 hours) to the Town Hall where, after viewing the impressive façade, you and your guide gain a broader insight into the history and restoration of the Town Hall through an enjoyable audio-visual experience, before going on to discover the Schoon Verdiep? Then go for the more comprehensive tour (A Palace for World Citizens).

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Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian

From 24/04/2022 10:00 pm (UTC) until 31/12/2030 10:59 pm (UTC)

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120,00 per group

Attention: Before the group arrives at the Foyer to meet the guide, the group leader must pick up a group registration form 15 minutes before the indicated start time of the tour at the Reception Desk (on the left in the entrance hall, on the side of the Grote Markt) on which all surnames and first names of the participants must be correctly entered. The group leader will hand over the completed group registration form and will in turn receive access badges for all participants.

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