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800 years of world class
800 years of world class
800 years of world class
800 years of world class
800 years of world class


800 years of world class

In 1221 Antwerp received city rights from the Duke of Brabant. Since then, the city has had a rich history with many stories. This tour takes you through The Antwerp Story in the oldest building in Antwerp: Het Steen. We discover merchants and entrepreneurs who had contact with the whole world in the 16th century. A century later, Antwerp was known for its artists. Rubens, Jordaens and Van Dyck are still names associated with Baroque and the city at the river Scheldt. Antwerp is still famous today, for example in fashion and gastronomy. Antwerp is also the second largest port in Europe.

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Dutch, English

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From 22/11/2021 11:00 pm (UTC) until 31/12/2024 10:59 pm (UTC)

160,00 per group

Attention: for this tour you must purchase (online) entrance tickets to The Antwerp Story separately, which can be done via the link below. Afterwards, you can book your guided tour here. Please compare the availability of the entrance tickets with the available time slots for the guided tour. Only buy entrance tickets for a time slot for which a guided tour is offered.

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