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Immerse yourself in the historical heritage of the city

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Immerse yourself in the historical heritage of the city

Do you enjoy taking breathtaking city trips? Why not spend a few days in Antwerp? The Belgian port city has countless places that you must see. Moreover, there are all kinds of monuments in Antwerp that relate to a special event. In addition, there are countless statues scattered throughout the city of Antwerp. This alone makes it worthwhile to travel to Antwerp. What makes Antwerp’s monuments so interesting and which statues in Antwerp should not be missed? We will tell you more about the monuments and statues in Antwerp below.

What monuments can be visited in Antwerp?
Travelling to Antwerp by train? You’ll arrive right in the heart of one of Antwerp’s most impressive monuments: the Central Station. This impressive building is over 100 years old and has a monumental look. Yet this is not the only monument in Antwerp. On the Grote Markt you will find some of the most beautiful statues in Antwerp, such as Sint-Joris, by the artist Jef Lambeaux. The Brabofontein, also on the Grote Markt, is also by his hand. Do you have one or two days? Then how about visiting Antwerp’s statues? Scattered all over the city are a lot of monuments and statues that refer to a certain moment in history or to a remarkable event.

What makes the monuments in Antwerp so special?
Walking past Antwerp’s statues is a popular activity among tourists. What makes Antwerp’s monuments worthwhile? The monuments in Antwerp tell a story about the rich history of the city. For example, no less than 170 years have passed since the construction of the Cathedral of Our Lady. Het Steen, on the other hand, is the oldest building in the city, because the first stones date from the 11th century AD. Because there are so many monuments in Antwerp, it pays to delve into Antwerp’s culture and history. Take plenty of pictures so that you also have something nice to look back on later.

Visiting monuments in Antwerp
Are you planning an amazing weekend in Antwerp? Visit several of Antwerp’s monuments and let them come to life, so to speak. Because the more you immerse yourself in the meaning behind the monuments and statues, the more the city will start to come alive. This will make your weekend in Antwerp all the more meaningful. On our website you will find a wealth of information about monuments in Antwerp. Moreover, it is possible to book a ticket for a particular attraction, either through us or one of our partners. So come and spend the night in Antwerp and let the Antwerp of yesteryear come alive for you.

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