Corona update: Due to the current measures, it is not possible to make a booking for either February – March. A city walk in the open air can take place from 1 April 2021 and a group visit/tour in a city museum is possible as of 1 May 2021. These dates are subject to the corona measures that are in force at that time. The corona measures limit the maximum number of participants as well. For specific information on the Antwerpse Stadsgidsen or the historic walks of the city of Antwerp, click on the link. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Antwerp City Guides

Antwerp City Guides

Looking for the hidden secrets of the city of Antwerp?

The Antwerp City Guides will be happy to help you to discover them all. After all, they have a love for our city and they know Antwerp like the back of their hand. Their guide certificate and their permanent quality control guarantee that your visit will be worthwhile.

Most Antwerp City Guides are multilingual, so they will be happy to welcome you in your own language.

The vibrant present and the illustrious past, the port and the fashion, churches and art, gastronomy and diamonds, characteristic districts and other cultures, … whatever you are looking for, the Antwerp City Guides will show you the way!

Discover what they have to offer! The Antwerp City Guides – a passion for Antwerp!

Where are the Antwerp City Guides located?

  • The offer of the Antwerp City Guides are located throughout the entire city, you can find the location on the specific page of the tour.