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Interactive visit: E/MOTION – primary education
Interactive visit: E/MOTION – primary education

MoMu | Fashion Museum

Interactive visit: E/MOTION – primary education

Discover the exhibition E/MOTION. Fashion in transition together with a MoMu guide. Enjoy creative assignments along the way, with an inspired workshop session in the MoMu studio as a highlight!

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From 30/03/2021 10:00 pm (UTC) until 23/01/2022 10:59 pm (UTC)

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99,50 per group

Book your guided school visit here. Afterwards, you can buy your entrance tickets via the link below. The supervisor/teacher accompanying the group and pupils up to 18 years old do not need to pay an admission fee, but they do need a ticket. Each ticket not only gives access to the temporary exhibition E/MOTION. Fashion in transition, but is also valid for a visit to the Collection presentation and the P.LACE.S – Looking through Antwerp lace exhibition

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