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Mirror Mirror – Fashion & The Psyche
Mirror Mirror – Fashion & The Psyche
Mirror Mirror – Fashion & The Psyche

MoMu | Fashion Museum

Mirror Mirror – Fashion & The Psyche

Discover the exhibition Mirror Mirror with a MoMu guide who unveils the stories behind the exhibits! Experience the exhibition through the stories of the guide, who will take you through the different themes in a special scenography.

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Dutch, French, English

MoMu will temporarily close its doors from 24 January 2022 until 7 October 2022.
This is to make structural adjustments to the climate control in the depots and the exhibition area.
The MoMu Library will remain open during the works, MoMu Shop and MoMu Café by Graanmarkt 13 will be closed until we reopen.

From 29/03/2021 10:00 pm (UTC) until 26/02/2023 10:59 pm (UTC)

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95,00 per group

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