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Discover both well-known and unknown artworks

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Discover both well-known and unknown artworks

Museum lovers have undoubtedly come to the right place when visiting Antwerp! Thanks to its rich history you will find numerous museums in Antwerp. From art and culture to fashion and history, the museums in Antwerp hold something for everyone. Do you prefer a tour with a guide or would you rather set out on your own? It is up to you!

Are you an avid museum visitor? Then there is plenty to indulge in in Antwerp. There are all kinds of amazing museums in Antwerp for you to visit. Antwerp is, therefore, a very popular destination for museum lovers. Would you like to get away for a few days and immerse yourself in art collections? Book a weekend away in Antwerp and marvel at the number of museums Antwerp has to offer. There is undoubtedly a museum that will make you happy and make your weekend break in Antwerp worthwhile.

What museums can you visit in Antwerp?

In addition to art from bygone times, Antwerp also has museums with art collections on themes such as shipping, diamonds, modern art and much more. As well as having a large number of permanent collections, temporary exhibitions can also be admired several times a year. Pay a visit to DIVA, the diamond museum of Antwerp, where you will discover everything about the enchanting world of diamonds. Maybe you would like to be inspired by more than two centuries of art? Then a visit to the Maiden’s House is definitely worth your time. Here you will find art from the 15th to the 17th centuries.

Why should you visit Antwerp’s museums?
Visiting a museum in Antwerp is a great idea because you will learn more about Antwerp’s art history. Antwerp’s museums highlight all kinds of themes and subjects, so there is plenty to choose from for everyone who loves art. Let yourself be surprised by the FOMU photo museum, for example, or immerse yourself in more than 600 years of sound, music and dance at the Museum Butchers’ Hall. With a bit of luck, you can take part in a riveting museum activity, such as a lecture, a workshop or a tour. So come and find inspiration in the best museums in Antwerp.

Book a ticket for a museum in Antwerp
Are you dying to explore the museums in Antwerp and would you enjoy a trip to the Belgian port city? Then book a hotel that suits your budget and discover the best museums in Antwerp. Would you like to get the most out of your city trip to Antwerp? Make your life easier and buy the Antwerp City Pass, which will give you free access to several museums in Antwerp. In short: museum lovers will adore a visit to Antwerp. What’s more, it’s also budget-friendly, since you can visit many of Antwerp’s museums at a discount.

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