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Experience the rich diamond history

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Experience the rich diamond history

Antwerp’s diamond tale started over 570 years ago. Its rich diamond history started in the 15th century and traders and explorers quickly found their way to the city. Soon Antwerp was nicknamed ‘the city of diamonds’, which is still true today. The city has several diamond bourses and four fifths of the diamond market is cut and controlled in Antwerp. Do you want to know more about the dynamic diamond history of Antwerp? Then sign up for a guided diamond tour of Antwerp and discover the city’s rich diamond history.

What does a guided diamond tour of Antwerp look like?
A guided diamond tour of Antwerp can take many shapes. For example, you can visit the DIVA museum with a guide. This museum offers a glimpse into Antwerp as a museum city. You will learn everything about diamonds, jewellery and the art of goldsmithing. Why don’t you sign up for a diamond neighbourhood walk in Antwerp? Accompanied by an experienced guide, you will experience the heydays, the downfall and the resurrection of the Antwerp diamond industry.

What are the advantages of a guided diamond tour of Antwerp?
Both a walk in the diamond district of Antwerp and a guided diamond tour of Antwerp are interesting choices when visiting the city. Tens of thousands of people are employed in the diamond trade and it is worthwhile to get to know the story behind it. The rich history, the museum and Antwerp’s diamond district are all gems you should not miss. They are inextricably linked to Antwerp.

Book one of the guided diamond walks in Antwerp
Are you interested in diamonds and would you like to know everything about the flourishing diamond trade in Antwerp? Choose a guided diamond tour of Antwerp and enjoy all of the facts and stories that your guide has to share. Of course, there will be plenty of time to visit diamond stores. Book your diamond tour or walk in the Antwerp diamond district online and be inspired by what you see, feel and experience.

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